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Our Ambassadors

Our ambassadors represent exactly what UCAN Outdoor Company stands for. Check out their stories below. UCAN join our family by signing up for our mailing list at the following link, Yes I would love to be an ambassador!
Mike Perea
I'm a travel photographer and storyteller that loves to explore landscapes, cultures, wildlife and anything else adventurous in nature. I love sharing my story and experience through my images and videos. My life is my storybook, and I make sure to fill it with pages people would want to read.

Ashlyn Gruner


Hi everyone!
My name is Ashlyn, but you can call me Ash. I'm a small town girl from Brentwood CA, living in the most beautiful state ever... Arizona! The desert? You ask.... YES! From the Cibecue waterfalls, all the way up to the Flagstaff mountains I enjoy all that Arizona has to offer. My adventure pack is typically full of laughter, adrenaline, and most importantly love for the outdoors.

Hope to see y'all out there!

Paige Marsin


I'm originally from a small town in Northern, CA where my love for the outdoors first started. When I moved to Arizona I had no idea I'd be staying after college but needless to say, Arizona truly stole my heart. I usually don't like to be tied down to one place for too long, but the A-Z has kept my interest and the places I've explored never cease to amaze me. 

Hiking, swimming, biking, you name it, if it's outdoors count me in! I'm always down to try a new trail and explore new places.

Ashley Featherston


Hey there!
My name is Ashley Featherston and I am a born and raised Arizona native, basically a Zonie unicorn! Anyways, growing up in Arizona I have found a passion and deep love for the outdoors and everything that this beautiful state has to offer me! Being a college student (GO ASU) I have gravitated more towards being outside any chance I can! In my spare time I am either hiking, kayaking camping or planning my next bucket list trip to take! There is no deeper connection than a human and the outside world and I am forever grateful for Arizona and that fact that I get the privilege to call it home❤
Lets adventure sometime!

Derek Dahlgren


Hey guys it’s me, Derek. I grew up in the small town of Proctor in Northern Minnesota on the tip of Lake Superior. Growing up in Minnesota was so amazing but so hard at the same time. You have 3 months of summer and the rest of the year you spend in a frozen tundra. This made me realize that no matter your circumstance, you can still get out and explore nature. Moving to Arizona less than a year ago was another challenge itself. Not knowing many people down here or many places to go, I quickly had to learn how to engage with the hiking community down here. My favorite type of adventure includes: friends, good music, and having a crazy fun time. My go to ways to create this experience are:  playing kendama with a beautiful background, cliff jumping, tossing a frisbee around along the trail, or hanging in a tree over a creek. Mountain Peaks are rad as well and I’m always down to check off another peak from my list. Let’s go activate some buckets.

Ben Kham


Hello friends! My name’s Ben and I just moved to Arizona about two years ago from my hometown, Long Beach California. Arizona has clutched my heart and now I’m helplessly in love with nature. What I love most about the outdoors is the way it brings people closer together and the memories made are just priceless. I work all over the southwest as a tower designer for telecom companies and this means I get exclusive access to tower sites way up high and in the most remote locations! What’s important is getting more people out here into the wild while making it easy and convenient for first timers. Don’t be shy, adventure is out there and I hope you will join me one day.



Belinda Hicks


Hey there! I'm Belinda - I live in the valley of the sun and love to explore the hidden places our beautiful state of Arizona is full of. I work full time for a recycling company, but on weeknights and weekends you can find me dodging chollas and climbing boulders. Really stoked to be a part of a company that is creating the opportunity to get out and explore the great southwest with others. Let's meet up!

Kaitlin Harmon



Hello everybody, I'm Kaitlin Harmon. I am from Denver, Colorado and go to school in Flagstaff, Arizona...both very beautiful, outdoorsy places I am so thankful to call home. 

Two fun facts about me are that last summer I hiked two fourteeners in a day with a broken neck (it didn't stop me from doing what I love) AND I got over 40 days of skiing in this past ski season. 

I am a nursing student and love helping people. I grew up camping and skiing every single weekend and have very great parents who taught me the importance of adventure. Any chance I get, I love being outdoors, adventuring, traveling, and exploring. I have a German shepherd/lab puppy that enjoys being my adventure buddy everywhere I go.

Paige Branam


Hey there! I'm Paige! I've lived in the wondrous Arizona desert for almost two decades now! My love for the outdoors started as a young child, because my parents were firm believers in letting the kids run wild outside to get their energy out. Living in Arizona has really reinforced and solidified that love for me as an adult because there's just so much to see and do around here. Whether it's a five a.m. hike up Camelback, or a day trip through Flagstaff and Sedona, the wonders and beauty of Arizona truly seem unlimited. My favorite thing to do outside has to be hiking in a new area. Sedona is probably my favorite place because it is nothing short of magical, but there are so many other hikes in Arizona just waiting to be conquered.

Daniel Lee


Hey everyone. My name is Daniel and I am from the grand old state of California. I am always looking for new adventures and being born and raised in California I have not even touched the surface of what is truly out there. California is so big and it seems to have it all, the beach, the mountains, the desert, etc. My preference with any adventure is that it's epic. I love the photography side of things so my adventures sort of plan around what shot I can get. If I am not doing photography I definitely am trying to bag any peak I can. I love adventuring with new people so check out my Instagram and shoot me a DM if you ever want to explore. 

Chelsea Gallant


“Don’t ever not do something just because you don’t have someone to do it with.” This was (and still is) my motto when I moved to Park City, UT almost 2 years ago. I grew up in a town outside of Boston but the mountains have always fed my soul; whether it’s snowboarding, hiking, biking, or camping. Packing up and moving to an unknown place wasn’t unfamiliar to me. In 2014 I left for a study abroad experience in Chile where I learned just how fun it is to jump out of my comfort zone. Since then, I have learned to always find the adventure in everything. My favorite thing to do is be outside! Spontaneous adventures are the best… even if it’s a last minute sunset hike; I encourage everyone to get outside.

Sara Stringer


Hey everyone! I'm Sara! Born and raised in Oregon. A true Oregonian, spending my days hiking through the forests, coastlines, high deserts, and everything else Oregon has to offer. 

I also love to road trip, explore National Parks, travel abroad (Iceland and Greece are my favorite), boulder, camp, and attempt to train my new lab puppy. I prefer to spend my nights sleeping under the stars in my truck bed.

When I'm not outdoors, you can find me making wedding cakes or coaching volleyball.

However, I never feel more alive than when sitting on a cliff edge in the middle of nowhere.

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